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In ATech Solution, we believe that there is a technical solution for every business case.
Combine the latest technology with creativity will provide best solution for your needs.

Mobile First

ATech believes that mobile channel is an integral part of our lives. With that said, our designs will always focus on improving mobile user experiences as top priority.

Responsive Design

Websites is a type of branding. With Responsive Design, ATech can develop websites that are suitable for both desktop and mobile, enabling you to provide information and services to your customers around-the-clock.

Cloud Solution

Cloud computing is the foundation of ATech. With cloud computing, you will experience a more transparent and expandable solution.


We have worked with the following clients


Organisation website

COD Payment

Payment App

N&E Audio

Company website + eShop


This is how the story of ATech begin

  • 2021

    New strategic partner joins ATech!

    Felix, an experienced agile project professional, joins ATech as one of the managing partners. With Felix onboard, ATech targets to provide even more transparency and to help our clients in adopting the "quick-to-market" mindset.

  • 2020

    ATech is established!

    Louis and Freddy co-founded ATech Solution Limited and aims to build a strong team to provide the best mobile solution to ATech's clients.

  • 2011

    Mobile development

    Louis started his career as a developer. He has developed many mobile application including some highly ranked apps in the app stores with over a million users.

  • 2006

    IT Recruitment Professional

    Freddy started his career as an IT Recruiter after the dotcom bubble burts. He has successfully grown his company to one of the more successful recruitment agencies in the market.

  • This is how
    the story of
    ATech begins!

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